Who we are

Project Description and Goals

Across Europe Ceramic has always played an important role in people’s everyday lives, whether in private or public space, ceramic encompasses us and is daily used by us. The development of European ceramics was heavily influenced by the different regional cultural influences, techniques and uses. Ceramic is a unifying element and reflects simultaneously regional differences in traditions, lifestyles, and social as well as economic behaviour. Ceramic is a distinct means of expression and thus allows individual expression. Due to its characteristics and the numerous scopes for design, ceramic takes on an important role in people’s lives, and this will not change in the future. This is the thesis of the project.

  • Within the project, various options for applicability, ceramic is used for, and future options for use, have been shown.
  • The project highlights the history of ceramic, discusses nowadays applications, and develops visions for the future.
  • Taking into account the diverse national tables and European food cultures and considering the multi-national European identities, the project highlights the ways that the European and global markets can provide to ceramic products today and in the future.
  • The project wants to call attention to the different ceramic materials – of earthenware, porcelain through to the most uncared technical ceramics such as silicate and oxide ceramic whose applications are still not fully exploited today. The aim of the project is to show the diverse uses of ceramics, whether in the field of architecture as decorative elements in the home, or as tableware. Further the project wants to recollect the opportunities offered by ceramic awareness in an unexpected manner.
  • The project aims to make people aware that ceramic materials used as insulation material in construction on the one hand and on the other hand ceramics can ensure a pleasant indoor climate and reduce energy costs – therefor ceramic is the ideal material, since has wide-ranging design options and a versatile use in itself: it is hygienic, highly resilient, durable, and can be used in all areas of daily life, including for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Creativity and innovation based on the unique traditions of the Europeans can now be seen in a global context. Traces of the past, the needs of the present, the changing times and the multicultural diversity are factors that influence trends and lead to vision, such as ceramics can change in terms of design and technology in the future.

The project Ceramics and its Dimensions brings museums, universities, and companies together to investigate the various aspects of the issue from all angles – culturally, academically, and industrially – and thus to create sustainable results.

Ceramics and its Dimensions was co-funded by the European Commission in the programme „Creative Europe“ between December 1st 2014 and November 30th 2018.